Dr. Cohen provides psychovocational evaluations to individuals who are currently unable to work in their job because of injury or mental health disorder, or both, or who are uncertain of their career choices, or who are in career transition and searching for job options within their education, training and work experience.

Why Consider a Psychovocational Assessment?

Post-secondary education can be an expensive undertaking. For parents of children who are applying to college or university there can be a significant emotional and financial  investment regarding vocational choices,  especially if there are learning or emotional difficulties, or both, and uncertainty about a suitable occupation. 

For adults who have been off work for some time either due to family circumstances, health issues, burnout or disability, reentering the workforce can be a stressful and often overwhelming undertaking, especially if there is no job to return to. 

Psychovocational assessments can help you make more informed decisions as to reasonable occupational choices.

Understanding What You are Good At and What You Would Like To Do

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. If we maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses we can be more successful in what we do.  Psychovocational assessments help us understand our intellectual strengths, literacy levels, innate talents and aptitudes, work traits, personality factors and stress tolerance and the type of work for which we are interested and suited. Psychovocational assessments can help us make more reasonable occupational choices and minimize costly decisions.

Who Should Consider a Psychovocational Assessment?

  • High school graduates or near graduates who are considering post-secondary education and who have learning or emotional difficulties, or both
  • Adults who have been off work for some time due to illness, family issues or disability and who are considering reentering the workforce
  • Adults who are experiencing work stress and/or burnout and other health related issues and are considering an occupational change 

Who Can Make A Referral for a Psychovocational Assessment?

  • Psychologists 
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Rehabilitation Counsellors and Consultants
  • Family Doctors and Psychiatrists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Self-referrals

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